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..The Ultimate Game of FETCH....

Flyball is a relay race for dogs. Two teams of 4 dogs, race against each other over a 51 Ft course including 4 jumps to retrieve a ball from the flyball box. Races are usually best of five heats, where the first team to complete the course with all four dogs running clean, wins. Flyball is a fast action sport for dogs of all breeds and sizes, and competitions are held throughout south-east Queensland on a regular basis .

Redlands Flyball club is a place where new friendships are formed out of passion and love of dogs, in addition watching your dog doing something they love is priceless. Flyball is a great outlet for your dog to burn some of that excess energy, and the bond you two will grow learning and playing the sport together is amazing. As your dog masters Flyball and starts to compete, he or she can earn title points


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